Warming winter soup

Our topic this week in Robins was winter and we certainly had a very cold and frosty week. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the frost when they arrived in the mornings. They were amazed to discover that all the water in the mud kitchen had turned to ice!

As part of our topic, the children made warming winter soup at the start of the week, which thoroughly warmed their tummies. It was great to see all the children taking turns to add a vegetable into the saucepan. We spoke about the vegetables and we discovered that all the vegetables started with the phonetic sound p. In our soup, we added parsnip, peppers and potatoes.

Mr Luke helped us with our fire practice and all the Robins lined up beautifully, even a cheeky dinosaur followed us onto the playground. Afterwards, we had a nice walk around the school grounds, finished with playing on the climbing apparatus.

The children enjoyed sharing their news from their Home/ School journals and also their Show and Tell from inside their book bags. There were a few cheeky bunnies hiding inside the children’s bags and also a squeaky piggy. Snack time in Robins is very special as we spend quality time together which is great for supporting communication and language, whilst also supporting independence and manners.