The Houses of Parliament

On Monday Form 7 travelled to London to visit the Houses of Parliament.

As part of their humanities learning the children were able to go on a tour of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. During the tour the children learnt about the history and heritage of the buildings, the history of government and how the UK became a democratic country, and the impact UK Parliament has on the general public.

The trip gave the children a great insight into how the country is run and how decisions are made. 



Rhythm was the name of the game in Tuesday's Djembe drumming workshop. The children learnt how to create different sounds by using the bass, tone and slap movements and they even managed to split and play two contrasting rhythms in tandem. Everyone felt totally reinvigorated after an hour of drumming and the course leader was so impressed that she invited Form 7 to perform with her in assembly.

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