Sevenoaks Larder visit

On Monday, the children in Form 6 visited the Sevenoaks Larder. They worked really hard to fill boxes with food for 36 families in the local area. 

They learnt that amongst the affluence of Sevenoaks there are also pockets of poverty. The cost of living crisis has meant that more and more people in our local area are having to choose between putting the lights on or feeding their families. 
At Sevenoaks Larder, great importance is placed on giving the clients as much choice as possible, so they select what they want each week from the list. Founding member, Goretti, and her team really know the families and their preferences well and they helped the children choose the best items for those families. As well as food, a toiletry item was added and, where available and requested for; nappies. 
The children were told that the food bin in the local Tesco is all brought directly to Sevenoaks Larder for distribution twice a week. Goretti also goes shopping to top up on essential items, such as long life milk, as needed. 
Their most recent appeal is for bags. The families are encouraged to return them, but recently the team had to buy some in, so if you have any spares at home that you would be happy to donate, please bring them in and they will be delivered to Goretti Wednesday 8th February. 
Form 6 has also been treated to a brilliant Djembe workshop this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and they even had a bit of a dance during the special assembly! A huge thank you to Anna, who led the workshop.
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