Look after our world

What a very busy week in Nursery learning all about how to look after our world!

The children have been so inventive at recycling various bottles and cards, from using our milk bottles to reusing birthday cards and cardboard from all our boxes last week. 
Jellyfish were made using the bottom of the milk bottles and the children used the hole punch to make holes to thread through crepe paper for the tentacles. The tops of the milk bottles were used to make elephants which were covered in squares of paper in anticipation of the Elmer the elephant story next week! Some children chose to make bug hotels using half a water bottle with string threaded through to make a handle. Outside they used great thinking skills to think about what to put inside for the bugs. One of the children suggested laying the bug hotel on its side so that the snails can crawl in - how lovely!
A couple of the children decided to make chains by punching holes in card and paper and joining them together using treasury tags and split pins. Finally, using the milk bottle lids, the children had a fantastic go at writing the letters of their names on each one to make a name plaque. These all look amazing on our recycling display in Nursery. 
All these recycled models and names were shown to all the children in Pre-Prep and Form 2 at our Environmental Awareness Assembly, where they were all confident to chat about what they had made.
As our story was about plastic in the ocean, the children used the fishing nets to fish out the plastic from the water, trying hard to make sure they didn't fish out the sea creatures! We had lots of fun sorting the plastic from the sea creatures and in the garden, the sea creatures enjoyed swimming with the seashells and the boats. 
For their Special books this week, the children used their imagination to draw a sea creature which would not like the plastic in the ocean and there were some fantastic creatures including a sea dragon and a giant octopus squid.
There was great excitement when Form 1 came to visit with posters for the Naughty Bus which had gone missing from their classroom! It was a great mystery and we all thought about where he could be. The next morning, guess who we found on the easel covered in paint? Yes, the Naughty Bus! So we returned him to Form 1 where, we believe, he was going to have a bubbly bath to get clean.
In the garden, the children have been busy in the mud kitchen, making tomato cake with mud, leaves, sticks and sand. The children were very busy filling jugs, saucepans and frying pans with water from the bathroom taps, showing great determination to carry the water back to the mud kitchen!
We are looking forward to our story about our favourite elephant, Elmer, next week and of course seeing you all at our Pre-Prep Coffee Morning on Friday.
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