Exploring colours

Firstly, it was a fabulous start to the week with the return of Mrs Sayers! We were all so excited to see her and it is so lovely to have her back in Nursery with us. Mrs Sayers loved her Welcome Back banner which the children had made for her.

The children have loved exploring different colours and finding new colours this week when we have been reading our story of Elmer, the colourful patchwork elephant.
Mosaic patterns were made using different coloured and patterned squares on the initial of each child's name - all the children were able to find their own initial and listen to the phonic sounds to see if any were the same.
Marbles were rolled in paint to create some fantastic colourful patterns by tipping the tray to and fro and the children loved looking at the different sizes and patterns of the square objects used to print with to create colourful pictures. 
The small world diggers were used in the coloured rice to create building sites and the children had lots of fun creating a Nursery Ice Cream Parlour with the tools and the bricks. 
Marbling inks were squeezed and squashed into water and paper added to make colourful swirls and squiggles on the paper. In the garden there was more squeezing of the pipettes and food colour bottles to make coloured water - there were lots of very colourful hands and fingers too! There was great excitement to find the water had turned to ice the following morning, so the children had fun learning how to melt the ice and get the stuck objects out.