Mr Wolf's pancakes

It was lovely to welcome all the children back from their half-term break and everyone was full of energy and excited to see one another again. All the children loved sharing their holiday news and it was great to hear all about some of the exciting things they had been doing. 

We have been reading the brilliant story, Mr Wolf’s Pancakes, this week and after the story the children were very keen to make their own pancakes. Together we read a recipe for pancakes, measured out the flour, milk and eggs and we mixed up our very own batter. With the recipe still fresh in their minds the children wrote some fantastic instructions about how to make pancakes, remembering all the steps needed. Later that day we added toppings to our pancakes to make them even more delicious and everyone very much enjoyed spreading either lemon juice, golden syrup or chocolate sauce onto their pancake and adding chocolate buttons, bananas or marshmallows. It was a very tasty treat.

For our Pre-Prep assembly on Wednesday, Form 1 loved showing everyone the instructions they had written and they performed a poem by Christina Rosettie all about pancakes. The children were confident to show their work and enjoyed sharing photographs of the fun that we had had so far that week.

In literacy, we also looked at the ingredients needed to make a really good story and discussed how all stories need characters, setting, a problem and a solution. The children were able to think about this in relation to our story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes and this really got them excited to start thinking about making up their own stories.

In maths, Form 1 have been learning all about coins and their values, looking at the shape, size and colour of different coins, sorting and matching them. The children also learnt to order the coins according to their different values, starting with 1p all the way to £2. Together they explored the idea that one single coin's value may be greater than lots of 1p coins all together - a tricky concept! They also use their adding skills to combine coins to make different totals. The children continued to explore money through their play by setting up their own shop, making price tags and exchanging coins for items they had set out on the table to sell.

Form 1 also enjoyed making their own moving pictures using lolly sticks and card this week. Children drew their chosen character, cut them out and attached them to a lolly stick. They then drew a setting of their choice in which to place their character. There were lots of different ideas; from space and planets, to cars and jellyfish!

It has been a busy week back, but full of fun and learning. Well done Form 1.


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