Sport report: Rugby

Reports on the latest matches by Russell House players.

U8/9A v Hilden Oaks: We played Hilden Oaks at home. It was a close match and the final score was 9-8 to Hilden Oaks. We were all good at looking for each other to pass the ball to but next time we need to work on not losing our positions and bunching up when playing in defence. A very hard choice but I think man of the match was Hugo. Noah
U8/9B v Hilden Oaks: We played well against Hilden Oaks. I scored a try in the first few minutes, with the team going from strength to strength as the game went on. Kit scored an impressive 4 tries, and Charlie followed closely with 3. Hilden Oaks played a great defense, but in the end Russell House won 7-10. Theo
U10/11A v Steephill: The game was competitive and ended up in a close draw of 6-6. Will F opened the scoring with a try in the corner of the field. Next Steephill responded with two amazing tries. But not long after, Arthur made it 2-2. Oliver L scored the third try. Then came the halftime whistle and an excellent half came to an end. Russell House went into the second half with a good attitude and ended up scoring two more tries but then Steephill had a miraculous comeback and made it 6-5. But in the dying embers of the game William F made a kick that bounced back from the edge of the pitch and Henry picked up the ball and scored one last try. Well done to Oli B who got man of the match and thank you to Steephill for coming and participating in a very exciting game. Will F

U10/11B v Steephill: Unfortunately we lost our game 11-15 but it was a good match, they had some good players and they gave us a run for our money. Both teams scored some really great tries and the try scorers for Russell House were Felix (who scored 2), Barnaby (who scored 5) and Kamran (who scored 4). The whole team played really well and we’ve seen some good improvements. Kamran
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