A mindfulness walk

Transition have enjoyed another fun-filled week in school. With the whole school taking part in Book Week, we have had many different activities to enjoy. 

Starting with the author visit on Tuesday, we welcomed Gareth P Jones to our school. Transition had a chance to join in with a special assembly run by Gareth where he spoke all about his stories. We were very impressed with his piano and ukulele playing skills. He sang lots of fun songs which we joined in with too. 

Transition, along with Nursery, had a special story time with Gareth. He sang The Lion on the Bus and we worked together to create new words for the book! Some of us were able to get our books signed which was a lot of fun.

On Wednesday, we went on a mindfulness walk. We focused our walk on recognising and exercising our 5 senses. To begin with, we refocused ourselves and had a little stretch. We decided that we needed to be calm and focused to be able to use our senses. We then exercised our taste buds by tasting and describing the taste of raspberries. To ensure our noses were working, we rubbed our hands with some rosemary and explored the different fragrances it released. It was time to use our ears, so we closed our eyes and listened for 30 seconds. Transition had a shared discussion about what