The squeaky pop!

Form 7 were both scientists and tour guides this week.

In science, Form 7 were reacting magnesium with hydrochloric acid. They noted that the solution became more alkali (pH 1 to pH 4) after the reaction. They collected the gas during the reaction by keeping their thumbs over the test tube, then they inserted a lit splint into the test tube. On contact with the hydrogen gas, it made a mini explosion, which we heard as a squeaky pop. Mrs Carn also reacted sodium, and then potassium with water in the trough. The children observed the characteristic lilac flame of potassium.

The chilly weather conditions on Wednesday did not mar the enthusiasm the children feel for their school, as they showed prospective parents around the grounds. Two of the Form 7 pupils performed violin and voice pieces and the Head Boy and Head Girl spoke beautifully about what being at Russell House means to them. Then several members of the class showed the visitors around.
The feedback was very positive, and Mr McCarthy was very proud of Form 7. 
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