Celebrating successes

It has been a week brimming with successes for Form 6.

This week, the children have been eagerly competing in the World Maths Day Challenge, using Mathletics. Over 10 million children have been competing, in more than 160 countries, and our efforts so far have placed us in fourth position in the country! It has been wonderful seeing so many children being so enthusiastic about their maths and they certainly enjoy a good competition. Well done to all of Form 6 for their efforts.

In science, the children conducted an experiment using test tubes to make musical instruments. They had to work out how to change the pitch to achieve an octave of notes and the amplitude of a note. For their homework, they then had to look at any relationship between the height of the column of air with the pitch of the note.

On Tuesday, we were treated to another wonderful music assembly, where three children from Form 6 performed magnificently on the piano or with their voices. An enormous well done to those children and we look forward to the next music assembly.
Finally, congratulations to this week's badge winners: Henry, Annabella and Isabella.
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