Time and effort

Form 4 have given a lot of time, effort and commitment to their lessons this week.

In French, they learnt about the different rooms in the house. They listened carefully to the names of each room and then had to tap the correct location on the whiteboard. They also played a team game where they had to find all the rooms in the house.
Form 4 have begun looking at time in maths and they have been learning to tell the time on an analogue clock. They also joined in with the Mathletics competition competing against other children from around the world.

The children have been busy practising their play this week during English and music lessons and they have put a great deal of effort into learning all their words. They are very much looking forward to performing it.

In science, they found out the melting and freezing points of various materials and then carried out an investigation to find the melting point of chocolate.
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