A different kind of mummies day

This week has been all about mummies, 3D shapes, gears, pulleys and levers.

Form 3 have had a wonderful time exploring mummification at Maidstone Museum.   They enjoyed a workshop describing the process of preparing an Egyptian body for the afterlife and they also had an opportunity to see a real Egyptian mummy.
In Maths, Form 3 have been identifying 3D shapes by their properties.  They have been looking at edges, faces and vertices.  They have been making 3D shapes using sticks and modelling clay and identifying the 2D shape within the 3D shape.
In science, Form 3 have had an opportunity to make their own pulleys.  They experimented lifting different objects and working out whether a pulley made the job easier or harder.  They also made their own catapults and investigated where the best place to put their rubber was to make it travel further.
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