Baby animals

This week Form 1 have been learning all about Farms but especially all the lovely little baby animals that are being born at this time of year.

Children have been learning the correct names for the animals and a little bit about the things they produce. They have been developing their literacy skills by writing about the animals and their young and writing some facts all about their favourite. 

Early in the week, all the children were treated to the Form 4 and Form 5 dress rehearsal performances and were amazed by how outstanding the singing, dancing and acting was in both shows. The children were a great audience and sat beautifully throughout both the performances and received lots of compliments from the adults present.

In Maths this week, the children have learnt how to count up in 2s and explored sharing different amounts to create equal groups. It was fun thinking about being a farmer and learning how to share all the food between the animals fairly. Children learnt that when we share it's always fair and practised sharing counters between the animals, ensuring they all had the same. Children used the new vocabulary equal and unequal to describe the groups they made. We thought about amounts that can and cannot be shared fairly, introduced odd and even numbers and started to notice the patterns in these numbers. We also looked at how we can represent sharing using the division symbol and part, part whole.

Form 1 have been very creative this week and have been making beautiful farm pictures using collage and paint to add texture to their work. The children have explored cutting, tearing and layering paper and were extremely imaginative when creating the various elements on their farms. They also used lolly sticks, art straws, hay, cotton wool, and fabric scraps to create farm buildings, tractors, fences, trees and animals, thinking about shape and space as they worked. Using paint, sponges and forks they created different textures to represent grassy fields, muddy pig pens and rippling water in the ponds. They all look so unique and really effective!

In French, the children have been learning words for different colours and had lots of fun searching the classroom for the different coloured eggs that Madam Boff hid and asked them to find. Children practised counting the eggs and responding using all the new words they had learnt.

A real highlight of the week was the RHPA Easter Egg Hunt. Form 1 thoroughly enjoyed hunting for the brightly coloured eggs in and around Ambers House. The weather didn't dampen their spirits in the slightest and they all said it was the best day ever! The children had so much fun and everyone was rewarded with delicious Easter eggs at the end. Another great week in Form 1!


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