Many of the children in Transition have a keen interest in superheroes. This week, we have enjoyed taking part in a range of superhero themed activities.

We started the week off by channelling our inner rescuing skills. When we arrived into our classroom on Tuesday, we realised that our lovely farm animals had been captured and trapped under tape in the tuff tray. It was our mission to rescue them and put them back where they belong. Using a variety of tongs we had to use our super fine motor skills to pick up the animals.

We also noticed that some of our jungle animals had been captured and placed in the freezer! Using our critical thinking skills, we had to find a way to help the animals and rescue them from the ice. We came up with lots of ideas such as using hammers and plastic saws as well as using water and pipettes. Using a variety of shapes, we also attempted to come up with our own superhero designs. We had to think very carefully about how we used the shapes and what purpose they would have. Some children used big rectangles to represent strong muscles and others used bigger circles to represent big brains!

During circle time we spoke about real life superheroes who help us in everyday life. Using flash cards we identified a variety of people who help us and were able to explain how they help us.

As part of our ongoing topic of festivals and celebrations, we had a look at Eid al-fitr. We watched a very interesting video which showed us the life of Amirah and her family as they take part in all the Eid celebrations. The children listened very carefully and were able to answer some very tricky questions! We enjoyed moving to the music and having our own celebration.