Self-defence and physio

We really enjoyed our Leavers' Programme this week. We learnt important skills for the future. It was useful and fun and we are so pleased that the teachers have arranged it for us.

On Tuesday, an instructor came to our school to teach us about self-defence. It was almost like having a judo lesson. He taught us many moves like how to wrestle people to the floor and ways to deal with bullies. We tried to do some of the skills we learnt on each other, obviously not as hard and fast as you would usually do it. We didn’t want to hurt anyone, although we did swing each other around a lot, trying to throw each other on the ground. Another example of a move we did was if someone pushed you from behind, you always have to slap the ground with your hand to break the fall, so it doesn't hurt as much.
Overall, Form 7 really enjoyed the day and we all learnt a lot.

Form 7 was doing a Physiotherapy session as part of the Leavers' Programme. Physiotherapy is about your back and spine. To start, we were given a quiz to see how much we already knew. Most of Form 7 did pretty well. Then, we learnt facts about our spine, like that there are 24 little spines in our back and we learnt about our discs. We used marshmallows to explain how they work and then we all ate them, delicious!

We also learnt how to take care of our back. We need to shrug our shoulders back, look up and have our table in the correct place. We all had a go on the fitball to stretch our backs. Although it was quite short, we really enjoyed it and all learnt something new.

For the summer production, Form 7 are doing a play called Sherlock and Cinders. We have auditioned for the parts we want (on Friday we were auditioning in our pyjamas, for Pyjamarama Day!) and can’t wait to find out what we get. Some of the parts in the play include; Sherlock, Cinderella, The ugly stepsisters, Watson, Prince Charming, Princess Arabella and King and Queen Charming. We also have Form 6 joining us as they will play some of the other parts. We can’t wait to perform it.

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