Budgets and speeches

In PSHE this half term, Form 6 has been thinking about money and discussing how it is used around the world and the many ways that money can be spent, including cash, card and cheque. The Form 6 children have been looking ahead to the School Council Hustings, which will take place on the second Monday after half-term.

The children have looked at different scenarios and they had to discuss:
  • Budget – the money that someone decides they have available to spend on a purchase. By looking at the money they have coming in and the money they have to spend on other things, they can see what they can afford to spend.
  • Value (for money) – whether something is worth how much it costs.
  • Needs – things or services that are a ‘must’ or requirement for everyday life, like food, clothing, or housing.
  • Keeping track of money – using banking apps, checking bank statements and receipts, or keeping a personal record to see where and how money is being spent.
Interestingly, most of the children decided that it was wise for Rosie (the person in our scenarios) to save her money, instead of spending £100 on a day out with her friends at a theme park. Lots of children recommended that Rosie should put her money into savings and to do other activities that cost less money.
During Form Time this week, they had the opportunity to speak with the Form 7 children about what's involved and to ask them any questions that they had. Whilst the Form 7 children were in France, it fell to Form 6 to plan, organise and run the House Assembly and what an excellent job they did. It was a very good learning experience for them for what might be to come.
Congratulations to the children who performed so brilliantly in this week's music assembly. It's fantastic to see so many children putting themselves forward to perform in front of the school, which is not an easy thing to do. Well done!
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