Newts can dance

This week Form 5 had a science trip to Horton Kirby.

As you can see from the quotes below, the children learnt a lot!
"I never knew badgers ate worms or that newts were so small. I never knew there were such things as soldier beetles. I learnt that algae can sometimes be red and spiders can have blue bums! It was a great trip." 
"I learnt that with male newts sometimes, if the female newt is not impressed enough by his bright colours and patterns, he does a dance."
"I learnt how frogs mate. The male frog jumps on the female frog's back and stays there until she lays her eggs. I saw a bullhead fish and it is a small brown fish with orange and red fins."
I learnt that wasps build their nests out of wood. I learnt that we have three different types of snake in our country; adder, grass snake and smooth snake."
Last week and this week, Form 5 have been very busy at the Farm. Last week it was clearing weeds and this week they have been planting out parsnips and onions.
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