Growing and life cycles

This week, we are focusing our attention on growing and life cycles.

We have been introduced to our class caterpillars and we are currently waiting for the caterpillars to make their cocoons. We are all familiar with the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle which we have used to help our understanding of what is going to happen to our caterpillars. Another way we have incorporated life cycles into our learning this week is by looking at the different stages of plant life. Using another story by Eric Carle called ‘The Tiny Seed’ we learnt about how seeds travel on the wind to new destinations. We had a broad discussion about where seeds will not be able to grow such as in the desert or on top of an icy mountain. However, we all recognised that with the right conditions such as sunlight, rain and healthy soil a plant has all the tools it needs to grow. The story of ‘The Tiny Seed’ focuses on a small seed (smaller than the others) and their journey of growth. The tiny seed starts off slower than all the other seeds but soon catches up and even overtakes the other plants. We recognised that just because you may be smaller than others does not mean you are slower! Sometimes we need the right conditions and the right amount of time to be able to grow.

Following on from our carpet time session, we had lots of activities to take part in. To exercise our fine motor skills, we added the corresponding amount of pegs onto a cardboard flower! Everyone demonstrated great recognition and counting skills. We also planted our own sunflower seeds which we hope will grow as big and tall as the flowers in our story.

Other activities included; sequencing pictures to show the stages of growing a plant, labelling parts of a plant and recognising familiar words and doing our own observational paintings of flowers.

We have enjoyed exploring the paint this week and using different tools to create different effects. We have