Sport report: Cricket

Cricket reports of recent matches, as written by Russell House players.

U10/11B Mixed v Radnor House: The score was 227 - 296 to us. We had some amazing bowling from Annabella and Charlie hit a stump. We all did some amazing batting, with some 4s along the way. Overall, it was a great game, but for next time we can improve on walking in. Kayla
U10/11C Mixed v Radnor House: Russell House won by 57 runs, with the score being 250 - 307. The bowling player of the match was Dakota and for batting, it was Felix. There was a lot of great batting, for example Felix, who hit four 4s and a 6! Then we had Dakota, who got a 4 and William S and Oliver L who both hit three 4s and a 6. Maia had a few great bowls, as well as William S. I think we played very well, but could work on our bowling a bit, but overall well done. Dakota 
U10/11D Mixed v Radnor House: Our cricket match against Radnor House was really exciting. We worked well as a team and did some great batting. We improved our bowling skills and Mr Falconer helped us to bowl correctly using the star or run approach, which involved keeping lovely straight arms. Everybody did really well at batting and fielding and improved their skills during the game. Kamran scored quite a few runs and was named player of the match. I really loved being captain of my great team and we only lost by six runs. Isabelle
U8 Boys v Solefield: Our first cricket match of the summer in the beautiful sunshine. We played really well as a team. We could improve on getting our arm to touch our ear when bowling, however we did a really good job focusing on the ball when batting and we hit some great shots. I think that Henry and Louis were our stand-out performers, with Louis getting the only wicket and Henry hitting two 4s. Everyone played really well. Great result with the score being 281 - 268 to Russell House. Kit
U9A Mixed v Hilden Grange: Russell House batted first. Henry and Edward did very good batting, then up next was Georgie and Mia who scored quite a lot of runs, especially Georgie. Then it was Catherine and Beatrix, followed by Sammy and Hugo. We scored 277 runs. Hilden Grange batted very well and we did not manage to get anyone out. They scored 292 runs and won the match. The player of the match was Beatrix. Sammy 
U9B Mixed v Hilden Grange:
Oscar was my player of the match, because when he was fielding he really ran for the ball and when he was batting he scored three 4's in a row. James was very similar to Oscar and batted positively. Victoria played well. Her hitting was strong. Amelia and Georgia played well also. Ash
U8A Girls v Walthamstow Hall: All the girls played really well. Annabel was player of the match and I got a great wicket, which I really enjoyed. We can't wait for the next match. I really enjoyed being captain for the day. We scored 231 runs and Walthamstow Hall scored 219 runs, so it was a great win for us. Anya
U8B Girls v Walthamstow Hall: It was a close match and everyone played very well and I got three wickets. Bella bowled very well and also took a wicket. Caitlin and Lucy batted well and scored some runs. The whole team really improved as the match went on and we are all looking forward to the next match. We scored 227 runs and Walthamstow Hall scored 245 runs. Clara
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