30 days wild

Our topics this week in Robins were 30 Days Wild and Child Safety Week.

Lots of fun was had at the beginning of the week when we opened our special envelope from the Wildlife Trust. The children were super excited when they discovered 3 packs of wildflower seeds and a 30-day calendar to record our daily activities. There were also lots of interesting facts.

The Robins have fully embraced my love of nature and wildlife so as an extension activity, we watched Springwatch. They watched 5 minutes of mindfulness moments, unwinding with nature. We listened to the sounds and enjoyed watching the beautiful wildlife. This promoted lots of discussion and we spoke about the different bird sounds. We identified a green woodpecker and a great tit.

Following on with our topic, it was lovely to see all your wonderful pictures from your gardens and outdoor spaces. We used the pictures to make a big collage.

The Robins were super excited when we discovered a woodlouse spider and a lacewing. We watched the spider as it walked across the grass to a safe place.

There were lots of discussions surrounding our Child Safety topic. One of our Robins told us they helped change batteries at home. This prompted our discussion about staying safe and how we should not put anything dangerous in our mouth. Road safety was also discussed, along with strangers. We spoke about strangers and how some people are safer strangers such as police officers, nurses and doctors, fire officers, etc.

This week, trikes were introduced to our outdoor area and these proved to be very popular indeed. It was great to see the children sharing with the use of a sand timer. Mr Phil also delivered our new rice tray and water tray. 

Our cooking activities consisted of minibeast rolls and bird sandwiches. Our Robins are great at spreading and they have such great control when they use knives to add butter to their bread. This activity is great for preparing the hand, arm and body for writing.

Continuing with our wildlife theme, we made bee bricks. We combined sand, soil and hay. Once all the ingredients were combined, we added water and then gave it a final mix. The children then spooned the mixture into a container and used a spoon handle to make bee-sized holes. Once dry, these were added to our wildlife garden.

We have been busy practising for Sports Day. The children listened very well to all the instructions and they enjoyed taking part in the races. There were lots of giggles as they tried to keep the jelly in the bowl. 


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