Sport report: Cricket

Russell House players report on recent cricket matches.

U8 Boys v Hilden Oaks: This was our third match, so we were confident we would do well. Russell House batted first and we scored 76 runs with Rory, Charlie and Jake hitting boundaries. We worked well as a team when we were fielding with Kit running someone out with a direct hit. Russell House won by 20 runs. Noah
U8A Girls v Kent College: We played so well and we won by 7 runs. Clara was the player of the match this time and she was great at bowling. She also took a wicket. Everyone was amazing, but I think we need to get better at fielding. Other than that it was outstanding and the Kent College girls were great too. Jessica
U8B Girls v Kent College: We won by only two runs! We batted first and the whole team batted well. It was such a close game and we all really enjoyed the match. Everyone played extremely well, and we can't wait for the next match. The player of the match was Lottie. Caitlin
U9 Boys v Hilden Oaks: The game was played on a very difficult wicket with quite long grass so it was difficult to score boundaries. We did quite well, but some things need improvement eg; our bowling needed to be more accurate and our focus when fielding was not as sharp as it has been. I'm happy with the result of the match, but I think we can do better next time. Arty
U9A Girls v Kent College: We played Kent College and, sadly, we lost but we had some great players of the match. Georgie was the batter player of the match and Elizabeth was the bowler player of the match. And I thought Sophie was a very good bowler because she was the only one in our match that scored a wicket. And I think Kent College were very clever picking Georgie as the batter player of the match because she scored lots of runs and two 4s and Miss Smith chose her to bat again in the last over. Overall, I thought the team did very well, even if we did lose. Beatrix
U9B Girls v Kent College: In this match we were playing against Kent College and we won! The score was 274 - 306. There was no player of the match, but I think that Victoria and Isla did very well at batting. Jessica
U10/11 A Boys v Bickley Park: Russell House faced Bickley Park School in their second hardball cricket match of the season. Russell House opened the batting, getting a total of 74 and losing 3 wickets all from bowling. Then it was Bickley’s turn to bat and they got a total of 48. They lost 4 wickets from bowling and one from catching. It was an extremely good game of cricket and thank you to Bickley Park School for the match. William 
U10/11B Boys v Bickley Park: In peak summertime, Russell House went to face Bickley Park School in a cricket match. The opposition were starting off fielding and us batting, meaning they knew what score they had to try to beat. Felix and Oliver L both hit 6s, and many others hit 4s - Austin (captain) one of his first. Felix scored a fantastic wicket in our fielding stages, nearing the end of the game. Kamran played against his cousin in both stages of the game and both did well. Each team saw every player bat three overs and bowl at least one. Two players were elected players of the match on each side, and the game ended with Bickley Park winning by 20 runs. Both teams stayed to watch the end of the hardball match, eating our match tea before leaving the school.
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