The colours of flames

The Form 7 journalists report on the week's activities.

This week Form 6 have been doing their hustings. There were quite a few girls going for the honour of being elected head girl. Some choices were very hard to make. Further, Form 6 candidates campaigned for themselves until voting closed on Thursday. Some had posters and some had badges. Unfortunately the results are going to come out only at the end of the year and we are all eager to see who is elected.

This week we experienced another fantastic French Day. Mrs Carn added a French twist to our science lesson, which was le test des flammes colorées. It was incredibly exciting doing the different tests and seeing the beautiful, bright flames.

We have also been learning about Ancient Greece in humanities. This week, we have been learning about  Athens and we had a go at drawing the Acropolis. We were very proud of our efforts!
In less than two weeks, we will be performing our play, Sherlock and Cinders and we're enjoying the rehearsals and getting excited trying on costumes and trying our props.
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