Campaigning season

A huge well done to the Form 6 children who took part in the School Council Hustings on Monday.

All the children had clearly spent a lot of time planning and preparing their speeches, and had put a lot of thought and effort into the posters, stickers, badges and campaigning. There has certainly been a lot of excitement at break time throughout the week and now the voting has closed and we shall wait to see the results! Photographs of the speeches can be seen further down on this bulletin page.
On Thursday, the children were treated to a magnificent French Day. The sun was shining and the weather was just perfect for a picnic outside. The Form 6 children were given the important role of running the French Market and they did an absolutely fantastic job. Children were allocated an area of which to be in charge, including: Boulangerie, Fromagerie, Charcuterie, Café or Language Helper. They helped to serve and assist the younger children and they had the chance to experience the market themselves later in the day.
This week, the Form 6 children also had their first rehearsal with Form 7 of "Sherlock and Cinders" and it's all starting to come together nicely. They are busily learning their lines and starting to get excited for the dress rehearsal on Monday 26th June.


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