Singing and stringing

It's been another exciting week for the Form 6 children. They have been busily rehearsing for Sherlock and Cinders and, during their music lessons, they have been eagerly learning all the songs.

On Thursday afternoon, they had their technical rehearsal and they are now looking forward to a full dress rehearsal, in front of the whole school, on Monday.
During PSHE, Form 6 went down to The Farm and they planted some smaller beans, reattached the string for the larger beans, weeded the beds and helped to remove some weeds from the pond. The vegetables are growing nicely and we have a good selection of parsnips, beans, onions and potatoes that will be ready for harvesting soon.
On Tuesday, three children from Form 6 took part in the Music Assembly and we were treated to some wonderful singing and performances on the violin and drums.  A huge well done to the children who took part.
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