Going to the beach

And so we launch into the weeks leading up to the summer holidays!

We are continuing our theme of summer in our classroom. This week, there has been a focus on going to the beach! Many of us have recently taken trips to the seaside to make the most of the glorious weather we have had. The children have enjoyed sharing their happy memories of their trips to the beach with their friends.

For mathematics this week, we were given the task of ordering objects from smallest to largest. Before we could do this we needed to cut out the pictures. I was very impressed at the level of care and detail which went into cutting the pictures. Some of us progressed onto ordering numbers. We did small and large numbers!

In Transition, we love taking part in class quizzes. Miss Mitchem made a special seaside themed quiz for us to do. We began by being split into three teams and coming up with special team names. Our chosen names were; Team Flower, Team Brussel Sprouts and Team Red, what a creative selection of names. We had to speak quietly to our teammates throughout the quiz to avoid giving away any answers. Everybody did a great job, but it was Team Flower who took first place.

As part of our creative writing for the week, we decided to focus on a story called, Winnie at the seaside. We read the story together and then it was time for the children to create their own pictures and writing. Everyone did a fantastic job at remembering the story and drawing accurate pictures to represent their favourite parts of the story. Our letter sound this week has been z. This has been particularly challenging and we only managed to think of a couple words! However, I was very impressed with everyone's ability to form the z letter shape as it is one of the harder shapes to master.

For our Finger Gym activity this week, we did lots of threading and weaving. Using foam strips, we weaved in and out of the metal grates. This required super hand-eye coordination and dexterity. We also had a go at threading using shoelaces and the threading boards.

To brighten up our classroom we have made some lovely hanging sunshines! We used a range of materials to cover a paper plate, we had to also add tabs around the edge. We also made a start on making our very own beach huts using multicoloured lollipop sticks.




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