The penultimate week

What a way to end the penultimate week of term! The children were superb on Sports Day and their first performance of Sherlock and Cinders, on Thursday evening, was absolutely fantastic.

They have absolutely loved learning their lines, singing the songs and performing in the play and there's no doubt that Friday's performance will be just incredible. A huge well done to the children and a big thank you to the parents for coming along and being such a wonderful audience.
The weather on Tuesday turned out to be perfect for Sports Day and so many of the children said it was one of their top three events from this year. It's lovely to see how they all work so well together as a team, as well as cheering each other on in the different houses.
Over the last couple of weeks, we have spoken lots about our memories of the year and here are some of the fondest memories that the children have from their time in Form 6:
Norfolk Lakes was the best part of Form 6, because I enjoyed the food, the water activities, caving and archery. I really liked archery, because I got a bullseye!
My favourite memory is of our trip to Norfolk Lakes. I liked stand-up paddle boarding, because when the instructor on my boat was trying to push me in I pushed him in instead and that was really funny!
My favourite memory of Form 6 is taking part in the School Council Hustings, because I really enjoyed the campaigning. Norfolk Lakes was also so much fun, because we woke up at 5am and played card games.
My best memory of the year is Sports Day, because I love sports. It's really fun and I won my race. I also liked our trip to Norfolk Lakes. On the first night we didn't sleep much as we were all a bit excited, but after that we slept so well!
My favourite part of Form 6 was Sports Day, because I enjoy sports a lot and I won both of my races.
My highlight of the year was taking part in the first hardball cricket match.
I liked the high ropes, food and stand-up paddleboarding at Norfolk Lakes. I also really enjoyed the Sherlock and Cinders rehearsals and performing in the play.
I loved riffling at Norfolk Lakes and I got two bullseyes in a row!
I really enjoyed the giant paddleboarding at Norfolk Lakes, because we got pushed in!
I have really enjoyed playing football at break time with my friends.
I like learning about the elements in science lessons.
I really like all of the sports fixtures.
The ski trip was loads of fun!
I just loved having the best time with my friends.
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