Bursting with excitement

Form 1 has had another wonderful week full of lots of learning and fun, but the absolute highlight was our Pre-Prep Sports Day!

After weeks of practising the various games and activities they were simply bursting with excitement to show their families how great they were at working as a team and remembering what to do.

All the families and friends who joined Form 1, Transition and Nursery for the event cheered the children on so loudly and enthusiastically that the children felt extremely supported and even more eager to do their very best! All the children remembered exactly what to do and when and it was clear they were loving every moment. The children made us all extremely proud by displaying their wonderful teamwork skills and super attitude to everything they put their mind to. In characteristically Form 1 style, the children had lots of fun along the way and their smiles were a delight to see.

The children reflected on their Sports Day experiences during their English lesson and wrote about their favourite part of the morning or the race they enjoyed the most. Children also considered how they felt during their races and how we can all experience the same event in different ways. 

In maths, the children have explored capacity and the vocabulary used when discussing this, such as full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty. They learnt about measuring using nonstandard units and estimated how many cups of water different containers might hold. Everyone made predictions and gave reasons for their ideas. As a class we counted how many cups each container held and were surprised by some of the results! Later the children explored measuring capacity for themselves in small groups at the water tray and recording their findings.

The children have been keen to learn about animals found at the beach this week and this has led to us investigating habitats. They have loved learning about how different habitats meet specific needs for the creatures that live in them and we focused on rock pools in particular. Children then explored this by drawing some of the creatures found in rock pools and then went on to make habitats for them using paper plates, adding all the elements their creature would need.

The children have also been working extremely hard in music with Miss Norford and put in wonderful effort practising their performances for next week's Pre-Prep Celebration. Their singing is really great and they are excited to share the songs and poems they have been learning.

Another busy week in Form 1, well done children! 



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