A week of sunshine

Wow, what a fabulous start to the Autumn Term in Nursery!

The children have had so much fun playing, learning and exploring together inside and outside in the lovely warm sunshine. We started the week finding our names for the new self-registration board and talked about the days of the week and the weather - it's so lovely to have had the sunshine up for the whole week!
The children have amazed us with their independence, by sorting their book bags on arrival in the classroom and sitting and listening to each other during stories and carpet time. They were fantastic understanding to be as quiet as little mice when the Kent Test was taking place.
There was a lot of fun and laughter when the children squished and squashed the blackberries and raspberries from Mrs Bennett's allotment to make juice to paint onto pieces of cloth for our display. 
When we went for a walk to the paddock, we were all very excited to find loads of ladybirds on the wooden equipment! They were carefully collected onto hands and arms and lots of laughter when they tickled our skin! The children amazed us at their balancing and climbing skills showing resilience to keep on trying and to have a go.
There have been lots of princesses and singing of Elsa while being involved in imaginary play and myself and Mrs Sayers have enjoyed numerous play-dough cakes and cookies and ice creams from the shop
We are looking forward to our story Owl Babies next week with lots of exciting activities! Have a lovely weekend everyone.
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