A Gruffalo?

Another busy week for Form 2. The Gruffalos went missing!







Form 2 had to go and find them around the school by solving the clues. In each place, a clue was left and eventually we found all the Gruffalos. It was very exciting and the children were very clever at problem-solving.

The children have been using adjectives in their writing to describe the Gruffalo. Form 2 thoroughly enjoyed singing the Gruffalo song and I saw some very fierce Gruffalos!

This week in maths, Form 2 have been using a number line to add on single or two digits. They loved playing the game using the dice and I am very impressed with their perseverance and hard work.

In the humanities lessons, they have been learning about transport from the past. The class had a challenge to see how many different modes of transport they could think of. Wow! They came up with so many different ways to travel around.

In science, the children were learning about the human body, identifying and labelling their hands. The children then had to measure their hand span and we put them in order according to the length.

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