The Naughty Bus is on the move

The Naughty Bus has been causing fun and giggles this week as it got up to lots of mischief!

The children drove the Naughty Bus through the baked beans and Mrs Sayers and I then enjoyed many plates of beans made by the children. It made patterns and marks when it was driven through paint. Messy fun followed as children used their fingers and hands for painting too!

The children looked at numbers 1 to 10 as they put the people onto the Maths Bus. They used their scissor skills cutting around pictures of the people and chose which number to put them on. They drew lovely pictures of Naughty Buses in Special Books and then used their number skills to count the windows and wheels.

Finally the Naughty Bus went on an adventure around school! It drove on the top of walls and through puddles before arriving in Mrs Burness' office.

The children have been listening to a CD which includes sounds from various animals and environments. They listened carefully and then described what could be heard.

They have made lanterns to celebrate the Autumn Harvest Moon and have been singing their Harvest songs for our assembly next week - we hope to see you there to hear our wonderful singing!


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