Eyes peeled for shapes

Form 1 have been out and about with their clipboards.

We have been grabbing every moment between the heavy showers to enjoy our learning outdoors.  One activity that caused a great deal of excitement, as well as a lot of learning, was our Shape Walk.  As always any activity crosses so many varied areas of the curriculum.  

Before even stepping out the children had to find their raincoats (which are often inside out!) and put them on.  They were then asked to locate and choose a clipboard each, attach the shape ticklist and find a  pencil.

After studying the worksheet, they looked closely at what shapes they were looking for, remembering that triangles do not have to have equal length sides to be a triangle. The children also learnt about tally marks but were also keen to use ticks to mark off every shape that they could find. 

And my goodness they really used their eyes to find shapes in places that even the staff hadn’t noticed. Their enthusiasm was absolutely wonderful and all the time they were improving their observational skills as well as consolidating their understanding and naming of shapes.  

Another absorbing activity this week was making a collage of their initials using tiny squares and rectangles to decorate. As they were asked to work out their initials, they began to understand the difference between their surname and their middle name. They also began to realise that their initials used capital letters and started to make the connection between uppercase and lowercase. They were so proud of their accomplishments and so were we!


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