Hey presto!

There's been a little bit of magic in Robins this week.

Our topic this week has been Changing Seasons and Autumn. We enjoyed making a rectangular-shaped autumn rainbow cake.

After a little discussion about autumn colours, our Robins decided that we should add: green, orange, red and yellow food colouring in our cake mixture. Unfortunately, Mrs Warner couldn’t find the orange, so instead we mixed red and yellow...and hey presto, we made orange!

At the beginning of the week, we went on an autumn walk, gathering leaves for our sun catchers. We then placed the different coloured leaves on top of sticky plastic and gently peeled off the stickers to decorate the plates. This activity was great for the children’s fine-motor control and, most importantly, each one was unique.

The older children from Form 6 came to visit us and enjoyed playing in the sand with our Robins. Our children absolutely love spending time with the older children and it’s great to see them modelling good behaviour and lovely manners.

We enjoyed playing Kim’s Game, but Mrs Warner and Mrs Scarsi tried to make it even harder by removing three objects from the tray. However, we have such a fantastic memory that we remembered all the objects! We then counted, 1..2..3, said the magic word “Abracadabra” and whoosh….  all the objects had re-appeared! 

We are looking forward to extending our autumn theme next week with our topic Leaf Man.


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