Down in the jungle

It's been wild in the Nursery this week!

The jungle animals arrived in Nursery this week as the children listened to Dear Zoo and, another favourite story, Poo in the Zoo. 

The children thought about where the animals would like to live and made homes for them with green playdough, sticks, leaves, pebbles and bark, not forgetting the ever-popular gem stones! Other homes were made in the garden by balancing bark on sticks. The children drew their favourite zoo animals in their Special Books and created animal collages while looking at the difference and similarities of patterns on the animals' skin. 

They have been involved in some wonderful imaginary play including doctors, vets and a beauty salon. Although the weather is becoming more autumnal, lots has been going on in the garden. Someone's legs were buried in the sand pit, there's been water play and What's the Time Mr Wolf? Throughout these activities, the children have been leading their learning through their interests.

It was lovely to see so many of you at our Harvest Festival. Thank you for your kind donations for Loaves and Fishes.


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