What can we see?

The Robins have been keeping an eye out for birds this week.

Our topic this week was Autumn Watch. We used cardboard tubes to make binoculars so we could look for birds. One of the children found a robin in the tree, so she used her binoculars to have a closer look. This was great fun and our Robins also used them to spot the trains going past.

We used our identification sheets to look at types of birds and the children were very pleased when they spotted a different bird, which was a dunnock. We discussed the differences and the children noticed the pretty markings. As the children had so much fun bird watching, we decided to reuse some plastic containers to make bird feeders and bird cakes. The children used their strong muscles to mix the bird seed and lard together and then carefully used the spoon to transfer the mixture into the containers. 

It was our turn to host a joint Show and Tell assembly with Form 1. I was so proud of our Robins as they showed their binoculars and bird feeders to the rest of Pre-Prep. We also showed everyone our fantastic scrimbling and the actions we use to create some lovely artwork. This activity promotes fine-motor and gross-skills, but most importantly, it supports the children’s listening and understanding. Plus, they get to wiggle to music!

We have continued with our Christmas activities and the children decorated their calendars, using brightly coloured shapes and tissue paper. Our Robins tried really hard scrunching the tissue paper and they also used cotton buds to carefully dot paint around their patterns. 

Bobbin the pony has enjoyed listening to our Christmas songs as we sing to him on our walk down to the field. The children fed him some carrots and they thought it was funny when he started to eat the carrots, as he made a crunchy sound. 

On Thursday, we enjoyed some yummy toasted tea cakes for our afternoon snack. The children enjoyed spreading the butter and watching it melt. 


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