Geology rocks!

Transition have moved from moon landing to geology!

With our thoughts turning to what it would be like to land on either the moon or another planet, we have been examining different rocks this week in class. We have been looking at what shape, colour and size they are and whether they are rough or smooth. The children have had great fun weighing and comparing them in the classroom. We never knew that there were so many!

Following from this, we decided to make rock cakes, which, although they were made in exactly the same way with the same ingredients, all turned out slightly differently, as you can see. Very many thanks to the Robins who allowed us to use their oven (and apparently enjoyed the lovely aromas that ensued during the baking process!) and to Transition for listening so well to instructions.

Much weighing, cutting, rubbing in, mixing, adding and pouring went on, with the children learning lots of new cooking terminology. Incredibly, once the cakes were in the oven, the class accurately remembered the long list of ingredients too! I understand that the results were delicious and it was lovely to hear how the children had shared their cakes with their families.

Our colourful rockets have now blasted off into space, complete with a colourful array of stars and either a circle or crescent-shaped moon. Peeling off the sticky stars has given our fingers a workout, as has the tap-a-shape hammers and pins this week.

With shapes clearly on the radar, the children have used their knowledge of them and taken control of their own learning, choosing lots more shape-related construction activities. Aliens have been formed from Playdough and out of junk modelling too, with lots of other interesting creations being made from Stickle Bricks and the magnetic shapes. The creativity and critical-thinking skills from our children is really inspirational and never ceases to amaze me!

5.....4......3.....2.....1.... blast off, Transition are ready to go!   


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