Happy Thanksgiving!

Form 1 have been thinking about all the things they are thankful for.

Thanksgiving is exactly what it says! Being grateful for all the wonderful things we have - somewhere warm and safe to sleep every night, enough food to eat, the good health of our family and knowing that someone cares about us. The list is endless.

The children really enjoy learning about this celebration from ‘over the pond’ which Form 1 started doing when we had a Mummy in our class who was from New York. We are incredibly grateful to that Mummy who comes back into our class each year to chat and help the children be part of the celebration, as well as providing wonderful activities for the children.

Form 1 listened to the history of Thanksgiving and were surprised to learn that this is one celebration that does not involve receiving presents but is much more about families coming together. Although we couldn’t have a Thanksgiving lunch, we pushed all the tables together and sat to have our snack together whilst we went around the table with each child saying what they were thankful for.

It was lovely to hear they were thankful for “All the friends who play with me”, “For Mummy and Daddy” who not only give them food but also presents, “For Father Christmas”, and even “Mr McCarthy because he helps the school”.

With lots of laughter, fun accessories were tried on, as well as Pilgrims’ bonnets and Native American headdresses. They all loved watching part of the famous Macy’s Christmas Parade in New York on Thanksgiving Day and they cheered as each huge character balloon appeared on the screen. Cards were also made to celebrate the day. Most fun of course was making sweet treats to look like a turkey out of biscuits and edible decorations. Happy Thanksgiving!


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