Our roving reporters

Form 7 have been enjoying working on their news diaries this week.

Huge congratulations to our class member who won the Grade 2 national level U10 tennis tournament last weekend. This is the peak of what can be achieved at his age and it is truly remarkable! In addition, our Form also boasts the national number 9 player. As a doubles pairing, they are a force to be reckoned with! Well done to both. 

The class have been enjoying their new News Diaries over the past few weeks and they have now collected a great little selection of news articles and pictures. These feature (to name a few) Greta Thunberg, Boris Johnson, a nine-year-old university graduate, plastic bags, coral reefs, very fast cars and even a fatberg! They have learned a great deal and their newspaper writing style is developing well. We will have a class full of roving reporters before you know it!

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