New year's resolve

In Form 6, the children have been sharing some of their New Year targets.

Happy New Year and welcome back to all of Form 6. The children have been sharing their news and new year’s targets during Form Time. It has been wonderful to hear all their positive ideas. Here are a selection of some of the targets the children are working towards this year:

  • To work hard enough to get selected for the A-team in sport
  • To achieve a silver / gold badge
  • To get school work completed faster
  • To learn how to perform a cartwheel
  • To score a six in cricket
  • To earn a place in School Council at Prize Giving

Congratulations to the following children, who were awarded their music certificates in assembly this week:

  • Isabella - Grade 1 clarinet with distinction
  • James - Grade 1 singing with merit
  • Ava - Grade 2 singing with merit
  • Alyssa - Grade 3 singing with merit

Lastly, the children enjoyed an exciting puzzle workshop on Thursday afternoon. They worked in teams to solve various puzzles, before they could move onto the next one. Teamwork and communication were vital and the children showed what excellent listeners they all are. Well done Form 6!

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