Mission to Mars

Form 6 have been listening to interesting talks this week, prompting thoughtful questions.

Congratulations to three of our musicians, who were awarded their music certificates this week, and to our form member who achieved the bronze award in swimming. 

This week, we were treated to a wonderful assembly by some children from Science Club, all about Nasa’s Mission to Mars. The children had clearly learned a lot about this and we are excited for their next assembly!

On Wednesday, all of Form 6 listened to an extremely interesting talk by Luke Donnellan from Humanists UK. The children learned what Humanism is, what the aims of Humanists are and, most importantly, that we are all lucky enough to be able to make decisions about our own beliefs, while respecting the beliefs of others.

The children listened with enthusiasm and asked thoughtful questions. They had an interesting discussion about stealing and the reasons why we shouldn’t steal. Ava said she wouldn’t steal, because of the impact it would have on the person she would be stealing from. Mr Donnellan, who was highly impressed with Ava’s answer, said one of the main aspects of Humanism is understanding how our actions can impact the lives of others and that empathy is extremely important.

The children learned an incredible amount from Mr Donnellan and it was brilliant to see their inquisitive minds thinking so well and creating such excellent questions. Well done, Form 6.

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