Beating the January blues

Transition have been sharing their tips to stay healthy and happy in January.

Transition were very excited to host Pre-Prep Assembly this week, when we brought lots of smiles to the faces of our audience! We gave plenty of helpful tips to everyone on how to stay healthy and happy at this time of year, when the weather can be cold, dark and miserable and Christmas seems but a distant memory.

We talked about getting plenty of sleep (as we are not fortunate enough to hibernate like some animals over the winter), and about the importance of eating a range of healthy foods, especially if we can 'eat a rainbow' to get lots of vitamins.

We discussed how we can exercise too, with super demonstrations from the children on how to carry out press-ups and squats as well as balancing on different parts of our bodies. We mentioned how to look at the beauty of nature all around us. But most importantly, the children distributed smiles which they had made in class.

These smiles are very special, as on the back are details of what makes the giver happy, with quotes such as "My Mummy makes me happy", "Going on a plane makes me happy", and "Dinosaurs make me happy". It was heartwarming to see everyone participate, with each child smiling as they passed on their smile to another and even nicer to see such wide smiles from the specially-chosen recipients!

We concluded by inviting everyone to join in with our Happy, Happy, Happy in the Morning rhyme. I hope everyone will remember the advice that some people are too tired to smile. If this is the case, we should give them one of ours!

Other activities this week have included learning how to walk in a class line and avoid obstacles in PE, rolling our bodies across the mats, and giving our fingers and wrists a workout in the Dough Gym, when we manipulated the playdough in time to music. 

The children were also enthralled to use the clipboards and completed an Eye Colour Survey, looking at each other's eye colour and putting an appropriate mark in a column.

Do take a look at our Rogues' Gallery... I mean Portrait Gallery in the entrance lobby outside the classroom. The children's self-portraits are uncannily accurate. And do remember to keep smiling!  


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