And we have blast off!

There have been rockets, moon dust and lots of countdowns in Nursery this week.

The rockets have been blasting into space this week from Nursery as the children count down from 5 to 1. The children all made a rocket, looking at numbers 1 to 5, and added their favourite colours for the blasters on the end. They have had lots of fun and messy play with the purple and pink glittery moon sand and have used space craft, astronauts and aliens to explore the moon dust. 

They enjoyed looking at stories and non-fiction books to learn about space and we have had lots of discussions about the planets too. 

We celebrated Chinese New Year by tasting some delicious noodles and even writing our own Chinese letters in our Special Books. 

The children have been busy playing beautifully together making their own choices of activities with trains, baby dolls, sand and lots more! 


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