Garden birds and owl babies

The Robins have been out and about ​​​​​spotting birds this week.

Our topic this week was Big Garden Birdwatch so we have been reading Owl Babies. The children enjoyed the repetition as Percy repeated the sentence, "Where's my mummy?" We spoke about feelings and how he felt.

The bird identification cards were very useful for spotting garden birds on our lovely daily walks. We had lots of visitors on our bird window box - perhaps you could ask your little Robin if they remember the name of the bird which we spotted eating our yummy bird cakes. I'll give you a clue, it begins with a 'b'.

Following on with our bird theme, we made scrummy chocolate nest cakes for us enjoy and delicious bird cakes for our feathery friends. It's very important to feed the birds at this time of year. 

On Thursday, we decided to put on our wellies and have fun in the mud. It was fantastic to have some extra help from the Form 5 and 6 children - they encourage the children to be independent, which is great.

We had a lovely (but muddy) walk to visit the new eco area at the end of the paddock. Our Robins were very excited to look at the new chicken coops and we talked about using the eggs in cooking. The growing areas have started to take shape and we spoke about the types of vegetables which the school might grow. We must have lots of amazing healthy eaters as the children named so many vegetables!

Our next topic is Storytelling Week and I have a very exciting book to share with the children, which involves lots of different vegetables. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Supertato! 


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