Take five!

Form 1 have been exploring all the ways the number five can be split and still make 5.

The children stood up in fives, then split themselves into two groups and created number sentences. They then experimented with 5 counters or cubes, then on paper by using string to split plates of 5 cakes, and also by sharing out paper cakes on plates. Learning by doing is always the best way.

In many ways, daily life in Form 1 would seem to be split into two. (See what I did there?) Morning is very much about learning new concepts, often in Maths and in English when minds are bright and fresh, and in the afternoon the children perceive it as their time to play.

However I am very pleased to report that this really is not the case as learning and play become merged and the new things they might have experienced in the morning - often through fun activities and games - they then carry on in their play in the afternoons (and at home too I hear).

As you can see from the photos when it is time to make choices, children might get out the calculators or decide to paint. And many of the children will head excitedly over to the paper, felt tips, scissors and sellotape to experiment in their new found ability of writing and drawing using their ever-improving fine motor skills.

Play and learning become one, creating an ever-increasing upward spiral of success, fuelled by their own motivation!

Finally, although personal hygiene is very much a part of everyday life in Form 1, we took a few extra minutes to share a video (also shown to the Main School in assembly) of the effects of someone sneezing in a lift. The children now all know exactly how to keep their sneezes and coughs to themselves (see photo) and have had a lot of fun showing me what to do. I am sure this is yet another piece of learning they will take home and be telling YOU what to do!

PS I just had to add a few photos from book week when the children went excitedly up to the staff room (where children never go) to laminate their bookmarks which, I understand, last even up to Form 7 where children are still using they ones they made in Form 1.


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