Chicken and egg questions

Form 1 have been grappling with the chicken and egg conundrum.

Our work on all the changes in the environment as spring finally greets us has fitted perfectly with Science Week in the whole school. Diversity in nature has been a big part of this week and was highlighted by the different ways that plants might start their life.

At the start of the week, the children planted tiny grass seeds which we hope will soon provide a mini lawn in re-used paper cups. In comparison, they looked closely at some runner bean seeds which were much larger and were much like the magic beans that Jack grew. These too will soon be planted. The children also were very interested to find out that by planting a potato it is possible to grow lots of new potatoes but first the potatoes had to be ‘chitted’ by laying them safely in a light area so that new shoots could grow. Some of the children have been bringing in their seeds to show, plant and grow in Form 1.

We have also had fun learning about and discussing the life cycle of a diversity of living things, which included animals as well as plants. With this in mind, the children have really enjoyed making a special circular book that has no beginning or end, or in their words ‘went on forever’. This book was all about the life cycle of a chicken. It was fascinating to see their minds working on a conundrum to decide whether the chicken or the egg came first and then applying this knowledge to other living things such as an oak tree with its acorns or a frog and its frogspawn.

Without always realising it, children experience science on an everyday basis in a huge number of different ways. The simple act of using magnetic letters to build words leads them to consider why some things stick to other things without glue. The diversity of weather in this country really is a joy - the sky turning dark leads the children to tell me that it is about to rain and they are beginning to realise that the appearance of buds and blooms are helped by the weather turning just that bit warmer (we hope!). However, no matter how much diversity we are used to, I must admit the children and staff could not quite believe their eyes when great lumps of snow began to fall last week! Love it!


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