Investigating forces

Form 3 have been carrying out some interesting scientific investigations.

The children began the week by transferring the class tomato plants to larger pots to encourage them to grow. The plants will need to continue to grow indoors for the time being and will be planted out when the weather is warmer and the danger of morning frosts has passed.

The children have also continued to learn about forces and conducted an investigation into how far different wheeled toys could travel when released from the top of a ramp.

The concept of a fair test, the introduction of variables and the importance of collecting accurate data was introduced. Form 3 worked in small groups to design and carry out their investigation and worked as a team to collect the data they needed to support their findings.

In our Humanities lessons, Form 3 have been learning about map coordinates. They learnt how to plot geographical features on the map and used their knowledge of Ordnance Survey map symbols to do this. The children then played an exciting battleships style game with their maps.

Well done Form, 3. You have been amazing as always!

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