Using the Car Park

Most schools find traffic management a challenge. Our car park is private, managed and monitored. The smooth running of our traffic system depends entirely upon all parents respecting the following, so please:

  • Observe the 5 MPH speed limit at all times in the school grounds.
  • Ensure your stay in the car park is always as brief as possible. The start and end of the day have been staggered to minimise overcrowding in the car park. 
  • Take extreme care to look out for pedestrians passing across the entrance to the school drive when driving in or out.
  • NEVER use the long hatched bay running adjacent to the tennis courts to park. This is a designated drop-off only point. If the car park is full parents should go around the one way system until a space becomes available.
  • Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your children’s normal finish time. It is essential that parents of younger classes are off site before the next class comes out to help reduce car park congestion. 
  • In term time, cars should only be left in the car park if parents are joining a school outing and have obtained prior permission from the Headmaster.
  • When school is not operating i.e., in the evenings, weekends and holidays parents may use the car park but only with prior permission from the Headmaster. Note that barriers preventing access to and from the car park are in position during evenings and at weekends.
  • Inform the school if you are delayed or if your child is to go home with another person.