A new hope

During the planet-wide pandemic, in what still feels like an alien invasion, we have all had to find new ways to connect, work and entertain ourselves. For me, I want to share my personal soundtrack to the global lockdown. My binge-watch-guilty- secret has been to reconnect with my childhood and review the original Star Trek series.

By no means a portrayal of the future as perfection but a universe of hope, where races and even species have learned largely to coexist successfully on Earth and beyond. A place where there are still trials and tribble-ulations (sorry - couldn’t help that) but where no problem is insurmountable. Where technological advances are great but where solid basics in humanity and ethics often make the difference.

As long as James T Kirk, the captain of the Starship Enterprise, has his complementary team of dedicated professionals on hand to support his decision making (Spock, Uhura, McCoy, Scott, Sulu and Chekov), there is always a fighting chance to get through whatever the Universe has to throw at them on their search for new life and new civilisations.

Much as Jim had his team, I, as captain of the Starship Russell House pay tribute to my crew who, against the odds, have looked hard at new frontiers on this five month (and possibly longer) mission to go where no one has gone before delivering RHOnline! to our families in and out of school.

To pinch from another space franchise, we have ‘a new hope’ to ‘live long and prosper’ as we get ready for another ‘season’ come the Autumn and a bright future together.

Craig McCarthy