Inspection Reports

Regulatory Compliance Inspection 2016

A Regulatory Compliance Inspection of Russell House was undertaken by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in June 2016. 

This is a new inspection framework and does not show descriptions pertaining to the quality of the school but reports on our compliance with standards, with judgements given as met or not met. Given the forensic nature of the process and the fact that we met each of the 420 regulations without any recommendations whatsoever, we were, as a school, delighted with the outcome.

Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report 2016

Early Years Inspection 2013

Russell House Early Years Foundation Stage was inspected in 2013 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

The Early Years received the highest possible praise from the inspectors, who described provision as ‘OUTSTANDING‘ across every category.

The main findings include the following:

  • Provision is outstanding across all areas of learning and development
  • Provision for the children’s well-being is outstanding
  • The effectiveness of leadership and management is outstanding
  • The quality and standards are outstanding

EY Inspection Report 2013

Russell House School Inspection 2010

Russell House was inspected in 2010 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

The main findings include the following:

  • Pupils of all abilities are successful in their learning and personal development
  • The school successfully meets its aim for each pupil to be fully prepared for the next stage of education and to foster motivation, intellectual curiosity and self-confidence
  • Pupils achieve well in all subjects and make good progress in relation to their above average ability
  • The overall success of the pupils is promoted by their very own positive attitudes to learning
  • Pupils are confident and self-aware

Inspection Report 2010