Inspection Reports

Russell House has a Significant Strength (October 2023)

The School was previously inspected in 2019 and it was declared to be excellent in every aspect. The latest inspection took place in October 2023 under a new framework which is being rolled out to all independent schools.
Under the brand new framework, which came into force in September 2023, the labels such as excellent and good have been discarded in favour of a holistic overview of the School's provision, with judgements in relation to compliance.
A new feature is the significant strength, which is only awarded at the discretion of the ISI Inspectors, should this be deemed as deserved by a school. Russell House has been identified as having a significant strength as follows:

...behaviour is exemplary, and pupils learn in a cordial and relaxed environment. This enables
pupils to flourish at this school. This is a significant strength.

The report provides a strong endorsement of our remarkable School and what we achieve here. On pupils’ personal development, the report highlights that children blossom and prosper in the early years, whilst enjoying their learning experiences and interesting outdoor learning environments. 

Throughout the School, pupils’ specific learning needs are catered for and this results in children being enthusiastic, highly engaged learners who are well-prepared for their future lives in modern society.

Please click on the link below to read the report.