Our school uniform engenders a sense of team and belonging. The cross keys logo symbolises safety, security, investment in the future and the unlocking of potential. Proud of our location in the Garden of England, our uniform is a distinctive blend of red, white and blue.

The first class to wear uniform is our Robins who wear unique red sweatshirts. Nursery children are easily identifiable by their navy blue sweatshirts.

When children move to Transition, they wear the full school uniform which is continued throughout the rest of the school. Full details of the uniform for each class is contained in the downloadable pdf below. 

From Transition there is a separate summer and winter uniform. Pupils start each academic year with the option to wear either the winter or summer uniform. After the autumn half term the winter uniform is worn by all until the end of the spring term. The summer uniform is worn by all in the summer term. 

The school’s uniform supplier is Horncastles, 66 High Street, Sevenoaks. Items on the uniform list marked Horncastles must be bought from there. Some other items (marked PA) are supplied through the Parents’ Association. These can be ordered via the PA using the order form below.

Second-hand uniform shop

The second-hand uniform shop is run by volunteers and aims to provide good quality Russell House branded uniform. It is open from 3-4pm every Friday outside Form 5's classroom in the Russell Hall building near the lift. Please note that the shop closes PROMPTLY at 4pm.

Good quality Russell House branded uniform can be submitted for sale by downloading and completing the submission form (below) and bringing the clothes to the school room on a Friday afternoon, or leaving it in the corridor between the Old Hall and the staff car park.