Food and Menus

School lunch is served in school each day across three sittings. Our kitchen team produce high-quality varied meals on the premises using fresh foods as far as possible.

We regulate foods consumed in school in order to protect those with allergies.

Please follow our guidelines below:

  • Russell House is a nut-free environment: Please be aware that nuts or nut-related products should NEVER be included in packed lunches or snacks brought into school.
  • Morning break snacks: We have a fruit or vegetables only policy for snacks during the day. 
  • Waiting Group snacks: Children may also bring in a snack to eat during waiting group, particularly if they are attending an activity after school. The contents of this snack are left to parents’ discretion, but sweets or chocolate are not permitted.
  • School lunch is cooked on the premises using fresh foods as far as possible. All children must have school lunch unless there is a medical condition for which we cannot make arrangements. We provide for vegetarians and can cope with many allergies. Lunch is taken in three sittings. Menus are available through the links on the left.
  • Please inform the school about any food allergy your child may have. Please speak to the school secretary to arrange a convenient time.
  • Children may require a picnic if they are going on a school outing and you will be informed of this when details of the outing are provided. Glass bottles or fizzy drinks should never accompany children on school outings.

Lunch Menus

Current menus by week appear below.